Young Satin

by aplegate

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released January 1, 2017

all instrumentation, lyrics and production by declan kennedy



all rights reserved


aplegate Castlemaine, Australia

tape machine fantasies

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Track Name: The Pathetic Dreamer
another great leap forward
leaving this room

mesmerising eyes survive me
off we go again

can't count the time my mind is
failing me

i can't remember why i like it
i feel sick

is there something wrong man?
hang on to everything
maybe i'm a loser
dreaming of what i could be
all my friends are big ears
send them your fantasies
is there something wrong man?

the great lakes
a hard pass
the great lakes
are nothing now
my conscience-ness
will work it out
Track Name: Lyal Eales
there was a man who lived a happy life
he grew up smart and had a pretty wife
he worked a job and made a tidy pay
his clock went off at seven every day

people telling stories when he left
maybe he was sick?
maybe he was depressed?

there's something strange about this town

there was a girl who lived a desperate live
she grew up young and ran around at night
her friends all tell her that she's not ok
she ran away to join the cabaret

people telling stories when she left
maybe she was sick?
maybe she was depressed

there's something strange about this town
Track Name: A New Breed of Bludger
this is all the same
keep your head in the game
peel your eyes, wire your jaw
keep making bets, not war

for now i'm doing fine
convinced my boots to shine
while they have their doubts
i keep them in my mouth

and all over russia
there's smoke and fire and sin

all over russia
an oliver rusher
keeps all of her ushers
andorra could crush her
Track Name: Leg Warmers
legs warm on my own
uncovered skin
it's just enough to seem for real

her eyes glow in the dark
they're wearing thin
obsessed with all the first of kin

not drowning yet
but all i need is a place to swim

my nun was a mute
ate her way in

it's just enough for me

the heat shimmers on my neck
burning my skin
it's just enough to seem for real

do i talk enough?
i think it's working
encouraged eels to help you spell

transformed at once
exceptional, the new disease

if i miss it too much
there's no way in
it's just enough for me
Track Name: Waterhole
under my skin
screaming up the walls

my childhood friend
drowning at the waterhole

and i can’t lie
but i’d love to tell you more
about my poetry

and while you cry
i’ll read to you aloud
my latest fantasy


under my bed
squeezing out for all of us

got to my head
just another ball for us

and try you might
but i’ll never get to see you
when you’re there

and i revise
that i’d only keep in touch
if i was dead

and so i’ll do it all for show
and turn my legs into stone
and gravity is flawed (oh no)
i’ll set my sights to the moon
and know that i can be there soon